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Jamie Baker is an actively employed Registered Nurse specializing in Emergency Nursing.  Jamie has worked in many areas of nursing including med/surg, ICU, palliative and hyperbarics.  Sara Matthews is an actively employed Registered Nurse specializing in Utilization Review.  Sara has worked in med/surg and transplant.  The two found their friendship while working together, and have maintained the friendship despite living remotely from each other.  They spend many commutes debating the problems and annoyances of nursing, and decided they needed to vent their frustrations with other nurses.  Thus is born: NURSE COFFEE TALK.

Please join Jamie and Sara as they take on the world of nursing!  They want to hear your stories (good and bad), your problems, your solutions, and your thoughts.  Take a listen to the podcasts, then email the ladies with topic suggestions, questions you’d like answered, funny stories, “chicken soup” stories, taboo issues, etc.  THIS IS YOUR TIME NURSES!  Let’s talk about all the things we want to say everyday, but can’t because … you know…PRESS GANEY!!!

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